Landscapes with a Corpse Activity


In this activity, we had to focus on creating a corpse (us) in some kind of landscape. Here I picked a familiar location, my bedroom, and used that as the landscape. I’m lying in my bed (hopefully that is where I’d be when I go). I really would like to avoid hospitals as the last place I’m in before I die.

In the background we have a variety of things that I placed. Although it may be hard to see, we have some medication on the bottom, which would probably be around if I get old enough. Right above me is my alarm clock, and it is not turned on- I’ve run out of time. Other things like the wooden rocking chair on the right side is a symbol of the reflection of what I’ve done in the past; in fact, my pose in this picture would suggest the same thing. I’m thinking about my past, and pondering whether or not I’ve used my time and abilities wisely.

In general I actually enjoyed this activity, despite its more serious nature. Funny enough I think of dying, or more specifically, getting old all the time. The reason I do this is because I want to make sure I’m taking risks now and making good decisions so that when I inevitably get old, I don’t want to be regretting too much. We only have one life to live anyways. Might as well make the most of it.


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