Week 4- Classmate Conversation

Once again, I had a discussion with a number of students. This time these discussions were usually held in the actual art galleries as we were walking around. The biggest topic of discussion, or should I say the one that attracted the most discussion, was the robot that resembled a rover that would talk and ask you questions. Totally unexpected! That robot just dropped in it seems from nowhere. It would ask questions in that Zoolander robotic voice and make us laugh. The main issue revolved around what that robot was saying and why it was here. Some questions seemed to be a little unclear, like the one that asked something like, “Would you go to outer space?” I guess so? Yes, I would! Other students asked, “How is this a work of art?” Well for me I think anything mechanical is a work of art in its own way, even if you might not find a plane in an exhibition, for example, because I think these electronic machines can be amazing. Well anyways, classmate conversations are easy to have when you have an erratic robot driving around in an art gallery.


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