Week 5- Classmate Conversation

For this week, I talked with a couple of students and actually discussed what their interests are. My questions personally focused on what they were doing during the semester in terms of their major, hobbies, etc. For myself, I talked about how I was majoring in Film (Narrative Production), was going to be graduating this upcoming Spring, and was planning on buying a car soon (!). They talked about how cool the galleries were- one student pointed out they had no to low expectations at first but was impressed on the first day. I felt similarly and was pleased to find out how great they were as well. Another student laughed and pointed out how bizarrely creative some of the artwork was. Which was funny because I often wonder how these artists actually came up with the artwork. They certainly make me feel less creative compared to them! Furthermore, I think that, and I’m not alone in this, these gallery viewings are such a refreshing and stimulating part of class. I’m glad we have them.


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