Week 6 – Artist Conversation


Artists: Student and Faculty

Exhibition: Wood Artwork

Media: Wood, Mixed

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery


About the Artwork:

Simply put, it’s beautiful. The artwork here is excellent. I might have little ‘workshop’ experience, but the guys who made these sure have a lot of it! Look at the images. The attention to detail along with the finely picked and carved pieces of wood is just stunning. It’s like looking at nature or a favorite painting; the wooden artwork draws the attention of the eye and keeps it there. The exhibit was as a result of a Wood program and Club, and the students and faculty have outdone themselves.





The artwork here just looks enticing. That and the lighting used in this exhibition really pushed the design to its full potential.



Again, the lighting here and even the stand underneath the artwork helps make the art whole. Also, the paint/lacquer combination used is very clean and attractive.



I love the bark of the wood used here. Not only is it natural, it really brings out the rest of the piece and adds a lot of ‘flavor.’ Overall a very clean and precise piece.



So many nice circles! This one was cool to look at and through!



I love the position of these artworks relative to each other. Not only are they well placed, they seem to complement each other quite well. In general this was just a great exhibit and one that was worth the time.


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