Classmate Conversation #5 – Carlos Villicana

This week I talked to Carlos Villicana (website: one of the more interesting students at CSULB, to answer the questions of the week. We began with the question relating to what price of art he would want to share. As someone who is interested in films, Carlos brought up a film that perhaps not everyone would mention, but he right away said: “Mad Max: Fury Road.” It was easy to see how much he loved this film (which earned a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes). Carlos saw this film in theaters multiple times. Which is not surprising given he likes Action films, and Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the best action films to be made in a while. Carlos also talked about how he liked the character development of Max and Furiosa as they try to survive car chase and battle. Interestingly, he mentioned how the color of the film really stood out to him, which is funny cause I just did a presentation on the color of this film last week in my Color Correction class. Further, Carlos emphasizes that he admired the use of practical effects to enhance the action and story, even though the CGI helped as well.

We then discussed the second question OTW, and here he was a little more brief. Simply put, if he had to choose between supporting or not supporting his child’s art career, Carlos said that he would, stating, “Let’s see what this kid makes.” Amen!

And lastly, compared to his and my home page on our cell phones, other than the essential Messaging, Phone, Contacts, etc. applications that are there, we bother shared the Facebook and Google-based apps (e.g. Drive), which we both often used. 20161012_131004.jpg


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