Week 8 – Art Activity – The Japanese Garden

It took me a while to get to the Japanese Garden. It’s so far! And there is nothing that makes me feel worse than to have to draw, especially drawings of nature. Haha. I’m so bad at them, but I’m still glad to have been able to finally see the Japanese Garden in person. I’m a senior at CSULB and haven’t seen it till now. I should’ve been more involved. However, I got to meet some new friends there and really take in the experience of the beauty of the place. It is very calming and for me, as Wednesday is the end of the school week, it was a perfect way to round things up.

Anyways, while I was sketching, the biggest frustration for me was easily the trees. I could not draw the trees at all, so I did more of a scribble for the leaves, for example. Water was also difficult. I tried to make a bunch of ‘waves’ but really they look more like straight lines. The bushes I had more luck with. Honestly, if you take a look at the pictures below of the actual garden you can tell that there is so much content and information in one image. I struggled to know where and what to even begin drawing. Luckily all that was needed was a sketch, because that is where I could at least attempt to make something happen. Clearly I made many mistakes and errors, but I still had fun!



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