Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Daniela Lonescu

Background Information:

Name: Daniela Lonescu

Exhibition Name: ‘La Blouse Romaine’

Media: Fashion- Clothing

Gallery: Max L. Gatov East Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist and her Art:

Daniela Lonescu, the artist of this exhibition is a student at CSULB and is working towards attaining her degree (Master’s) in Art History. She chose to focus her exhibition on Romanian fashion after doing some research and deciding to dive deeper into the material.

First off, this exhibition was entirely different than any of the others I have seen. Simply put, this was the first time clothing. particularly from the past, was displayed in itself as not only a kind of fashion but also as art. At first it might seem confusing as to how clothing is artistic, but if you take a look at the pictures it begins to make sense.

The clothing in this exhibition, which tends to consist of mostly dresses/skirts, is just beautiful. The texture and design has, without a doubt, a strong attention to detail. As this was clothing that was often passed down from generation to generation, one can imagine the kind of care and effort these Romanians put forth in order to make something they’re proud of. The colors used, for instance, complement and work well with each other. The unique designs of each dress made each one peculiar and interesting. It is hard to walk through an exhibition like this without imagining numerous smiling Romanian women, going about their day, dressed in these beautiful dresses.


Obviously, there is a strong sense of style, and with that you can feel that Daniela is passionate about this exhibition. She walks around, explaining to the students like me with lots of energy how she feels about the dresses, the culture, etc. This exhibition, among the others I have experienced, stands out in its uniqueness and good taste.



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