Week 11 – Artist Conversation – Kyle Kruse

Background Information:

Artist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: ‘Janus Maxim’

Media: Sculpture/ Film

Gallery: Marilyn Werby

Website: kylekruseart.com

About the Artist and his Art:

Kyle is a student at CSULB currently working on majoring in printmaking, and after doing so moving out-of-state, having lived in Los Angeles for around six years (so far).

Now regarding the actual artwork, the first thing a person notices is the intricate attention to the surreal and abstract. While a couple of short films play on some televisions placed on a separate wall, it is the sculptures that really capture your attention. In these sculptures, which happen to be made of wood, we see images of skulls that are carved out. The sculptures themselves are circular, like a shield, while there are other sculptures of figures that appear to be tribal, if not ancient (and creepy).

Without a doubt, there is a strong amount of attention to detail that is displayed. The art itself is clean and well constructed, and it is evident that the artist really cared for the work. In addition, there is some background as to the inspiration behind the exhibition. Inspired by Greek mythology, such as the story of Prometheus, reveals a clear contextual element to the exhibition. The theme or message Kyle is trying to portray is focused on the beginning, middle, and end of our humanity, and the rather circular nature of our existence: we tend to end up where we started.

Overall, this exhibition stood out from among the rest because of the kind of tone, in this case, a dark, moody one, alongside strong direction and attention to detail from the artist Kyle!



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