Week 11 – Classmate Conversation – Carlos Villicana and Janis Vernier

This week’s question of the week was discussed with Carlos Villicana (https://mrvillicana.wordpress.com/) and Janis Vernier (https://jajamave.wordpress.com/). The question revolved around fan art, and whether or not it is really art and if so, why. Interestingly, for both Carlos and Janis, fan art was seen as being a largely negative kind of work that doesn’t have very much creativity. With references to sites of fan art, like Deviantart, they both saw fan art as being good for practice, but eventually real art is made beyond fan art, with the latter not being really considered as art. In reference to the article, they were indifferent to what Demi Lovato thought about the fan art made based on her, simply because people are criticized all the time. A fan art of her, which wasn’t even trying to be critical of her, is not an exception, at least in their perspective. For me, I like fan art. I think it can be creative and it can explore content that the original creators have not considered yet. But in comparison to artwork like paintings, sculptures, etc. fan art usually pales in comparison. And like Carlos and Janis, I think the fan art of Demi Lovato is just fine and one that wasn’t meant to be rude. 20161102_133146.jpg


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