Artist Conversation – Week 12 – Sage Garver


Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: BIO

Media: Sculpture/Foam

Gallery: Dennis Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist and her Art:

Sage Garver is a student at CSULB who is in the Sculpture Program and is planning on graduating from that program, albeit she is not planning on attending school further on. Sage has a strong interest in the sciences, which is apparent in her exhibition named “BIO” that we are about to discuss.

“BIO,” the exhibition that Sage is in charge of, is completely unlike than any other exhibition that has preceded it so far. One walks into the exhibition and sees different shapes and objects attached directly to the walls of the room. At first, it seems like walking into an aquarium, and the surrounding objects are sea life (e.g. plankton). However, “BIO” is essentially about the biology of a person, or more specifically a person’s microscopic cells and tissue. This is a twist that puts us directly in the human body, and it offers us a unique perspective as normally we would observe our cells, in this case, through a microscope, and what we would see would naturally be tiny. Yet here the components that make up the human body are blown out to a much larger proportion.

Speaking with Sage, there is backstory as to what inspired her to make “BIO” a reality. This exhibition is actually a reflection of her own medical problems, some of which she often felt were beyond her control- they just happened. She expressed frustration at how little she could do to help her own medical issues, and “BIO” helps to show (us) that our bodies can have a mind of their own. It is unfortunate, but this exhibition reminds the viewer the frailty and intricacy of human life. It is not always something we think of, and “BIO” helps bring these issues to our attention in an interesting and effective manner.

As someone who has had family and friends stress over their own medical conditions, Sage’s “BIO” is a introspective and fascinating look at a subject that isn’t always the most comfortable to begin with, yet Sage approaches it in a distinct manner and a strong voice. 20161109_13200420161109_13201620161109_13203820161109_132524



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