Classmate Discussion – Week 12

For this week’s Question of the Week, I asked two classmates, Juan Vasquez ( and Tommy Duong ( what they thought the answer was to the question, and we had an ongoing discussion back-and-forth. In the end we ended up agreeing that art is subjective, and always will be. It is often hard to really nail down a more straightforward kind of answer because everyone has a different opinion about what they think/consider art to be. In last week’s Question of the Week, for example, some people thought that fan art wasn’t really art, while others did think it was qualified. And in other mediums of art, this can be easily applied (e.g. movies, paintings, etc). The key thing to address, at least it was brought up, is the kind of message being portrayed, because that can add much more value to a piece of work if there is one in mind. It even captures our attention more when the artist behind the artwork didn’t just make something ‘random,’ but rather with a purpose that he/she took and decided to create from that goal. Anyways, I took a quick snapshot of the group!



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