Week 13 – Classmate Conversation – Andrew Nguyen and Natalie Santana

As discussed with Andrew Nguyen (https://andrewnguyeen.wordpress.com/) and Natalie Santana (https://nataliesantanablog.wordpress.com/) this week’s Question of the Week was for me quite interesting, and unlike any other QOTW prior. Based on the plot of the film, The Matrix, it asks whether or not we would pick the blue or red pill (ignorance vs. awareness). For me, I’ve always preferred having knowledge rather than being ignorant about something, even if by attaining that knowledge, I learn something drastic or awful. I like knowing what is ahead of me, instead of just walking around in the dark. I think that is something that separates us from childhood and adulthood- it is simply knowing more about the world and ourselves than we used to (of course, that is a part of growing up). Therefore I would take the Red pill and face reality instead of ignoring what that actual reality is by taking the Blue pill. By the taking the Red pill and gaining knowledge, we can actually change what needs to be changed if there is a need, now that we know what the issue or status quo is.

How can we do so, in contrast, if we take the Blue pill? Unfortunately, too many people in real life take the Blue pill, in my opinion. In fact, many people take the Blue pill without even realizing it, because in contrast to facing the world they live in, they choose to ignore it and follow some fantasy in their minds that either they’ve created or someone happened to convince them about (e.g. “When I get married/have kids/get a house will I be happy, or to the more extreme end, “The moon landing is a conspiracy”). It is an imperative that, for instance, prior to making a decision about something, we know what we can about that subject. It seems obvious, but even if it is I think that kind of common sense isn’t very common, and this is because of the Blue pill-based mindset.

Embrace reality, then make progress.




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