Week 14 – Classmate Conversation

For this week’s QOTW, I had a discussion with the great mind of Carlos Villicana (https://mrvillicana.wordpress.com/). We talked about what college would be like for a student in 2036, and here are a couple of things that were mentioned. One was the likely more expensive cost of tuition, as it presumably keeps going up every year. We couldn’t imagine what it would be like 20 years from now! We’ll think our tuition prices are pennies in comparison. There’s also likely going to be a lot more (and newer) kinds of technology. Again, our technology today will be ancient compared to that of 2036. I think the setup of college and its courses, while there may be changes to the kinds of majors offered, particularly with tech-based majors, many of which exist today, will still be similar to ours. There will be credits for each course, grades, tests, homework, etc. We don’t think that will change dramatically. So while there will be similarities between our college experiences today and those of students in 2036, it is inevitable that there will be changes that for Carlos and I will be very surprising and interesting, hopefully for the better. College experiences tend to be similar than different, in general, for everybody, with a a few exceptions. We believe this to be true for students of the future.



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