Week 14 – Giant Group Selfie – Instagram

When looking at the pictures on the Instagram for the #art110f16 hashtag, you notice some similarities. Often many of the students would most recent purchases, whether those were fashionable items or DVD’s from the recent Black Friday sale. These people were proud of the item they attained. Other posts consisted of close-ups of the food they also happened to recently possess, whether it was a well-prepared meal or just a simple cupcake. Many pictures of buildings were also posted, primarily that of our nice campus at CSULB. The pictures were usually centered in the middle and evenly lit, shot from a low-angle. It was not hard to find pictures of pets either. And of course, it is hard to be on Instagram without seeing the numerous selfies posted. The selfies were primarily taken by the front-facing camera in a cell phone, but sometimes you’d find one that was taken by the use of a reflection in a mirror.

I’d like to point out that the pictures were a little different than mine. I posted a picture of the student in Art 110 leaving class when it was finished on Wednesday, a picture of homework, a picture of a random text, and one of a potential vacation spot. But I didn’t feel like these pictures were completely out of place. They might’ve been a more unique compared to the other ones, but I think they fit well. I liked the overall diversity these Instagram pictures contained, and it was nice to see what people could come up with.

Screenshot (276).png


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