EC: A reflection

So Art 110 is almost over, and it has exceeded my expectations for the class. The way this class was set up, in my opinion, was great. I loved being able to get out of the classroom (during class!) and walk around the art galleries, talking to students, looking at their work, etc. That along with the online-based use of WordPress and the Beacharts website made this whole experience quite well-rounded. My 3 favorite activities were the Landscapes with a Corpse, the Art Care package, and the Vlogs. My 3 less favorite were the plaster casting, the zines, and the sketching in the Japanese garden, simply because I’m not good at drawing. Overall, I tended to enjoy the classmate conversations with students in my class over the artist conversations because the questions asked became repetitive over time, which is not surprising given the standard format of what we needed to have posted, e.g. background info on the artist. I also liked the weekly updated blog posts, which I thought added a nice touch. The value of an online portfolio, as Professor Glenn would emphasize, cannot be exaggerated- it really is important! This is especially true if you are some kind of artist/freelancer/contractor or just someone who has a body of work that they can post online, like pictures, film, etc. An online portfolio is essentially a visual resume of what you’ve done, and it can one day help you get a job or open doors for you. I know I’m going to be having one. In terms of the Art Talk OTW, I would’ve liked it if replying to another post was optional instead of mandatory, because honestly at times I felt like I didn’t have much too add that would distinguish my post from the person I was replying to. That’s all I’ve got in terms of feedback, and I think this class was fun!


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