Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Amy Duran

Background Information:

Artist: Amy Duran

Gallery: Gatov East/West

Media: Ceramics/Pottery

Exhibit: ‘Love Houses’

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/polkadot.pony/

Snapchat: artsyamy

About the Artist and her Art:

Amy’s work in the exhibit “Love Houses” immediately caught my attention when I walked into the Gatov gallery. Her distinct style and approach through the use of ceramics simply makes her work stand out. Amy is currently a BFA student at CSULB who hopes to graduate next semester. She’s also the first artist I’ve met that I had something in common in terms of interests. This is because she is interested in working for Pixar, and more specifically, their (stop) motion animation department. Amy mentioned stop motion animated films like Nightmare Before Christmas (I like Fantastic Mr. Fox).

And this is evident through her work. As you can see in the pictures, her work involves making something that could technically be animated, like the girl or the guy with his gun. At first I didn’t realize this, but the ceramic sculptures were all interconnected. There’s a missing wolf that is wanted, and an unsuspecting female character, with a sleeping armed man in the background. I loved how she took these separate characters in their own little world and connected them to tell a nonverbal story.

Also, Amy is skilled in making pottery, and she worked on the decoration of Luis Casas’s- another CSULB art student’s- vases. Overall, I have to say that her work is outstanding, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she achieved whatever artistic goals she may have in the future!



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