Week 15 – Finger Painting – Activity

First of all, and as I’ve mentioned before here on this blog, I’m not very good when it comes to drawing. And unfortunately that includes painting. At first I started out making a bunch of squiggly lines in and around my paper. Nothing remarkable, but it was kind of fun. Then near the left side of the paper, I just kept adding lots of paint to make a much larger circle. It looked pretty cool. Then I added two above the circle, and suddenly it looked like I had a face going for me. I added a couple of other circles and wala! I made a dog.To answer the questions more specifically, the experience at first started out to be difficult. It always is for me when it comes to drawing or painting. The experience overall was fun and interesting. It was cool to put my fingers in paint and use that instead of a paint brush. At first I was a little irritated that there was no subject matter to use to make the painting, but it was a challenge that I enjoyed. Compared to graffiti writing, this activity had no purpose prior. I think when you graffiti paint you have an idea of what you want to make before starting. But both serve to create some kind of visual experience for the viewer. Graffiti, for instance, can try to raise awareness of some kind of social issue. That is the reaction it is trying to bring out of the viewer. I think all (good) works of art do this- they try to engage us actively. I don’t think art was made to be like window shopping, where you simply glance at it as you walk by. Both graffiti and finger painting, if done well, can achieve some kind of engagement from a person!IMG_20161211_232948 (1).jpg


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